Below are samples from our contract work creating copy for the launch of Google Offers in Oklahoma City. Sarah Kimmel and I collaboratively created this copy, which was used in web, social media, and email campaigns. 

Pole Position Raceway

  • $19.95 for 2 go-kart races ($39.95 value) at Pole Position Raceway
  • Racing excitement Mon-Fri
  • Indoor track for all-year fun
  • Electric kart speeds up to 45mph
  • Helmets provided
  • Adult, Youth & Kid-sized karts available

A three-time land speed record-holder, Pole Position Raceway co-founder Ken Faught can teach you a thing or two about driving fast cars—but the real education comes from the feeling in your gut as you zoom to the raceway’s finish line. Smoother handling, stronger pick-up and greater speeds (to say nothing of eco-friendliness) distance their state-of-the art electric karts from gas-powered alternatives, and indoor tracks ensure the sun’s never in your eyes. So whether you’re driving solo, adding velocity to a date or revving your way to a family memory, Pole Position Raceway puts you in the fast lane.


  • $10 for $20 toward gourmet cookies, brownies and more at Great American Cookies

  • Cheesecake brownies, cookie cups, and more

  • Freshly baked gifts everyone will love

  • Located at Crossroads Shopping Center

  • Hand-decorated cookie cakes for any occasion

Most masterpieces are formed from clay, paint, or charcoal—unless you're at Great American Cookies, where their culinary artists draw from a generations-old family recipe to hand-decorate baked goods that look too good enough to...well, eat. Dig in with $10 for $20 toward cookies, brownies and more.

The Story:

Founded on the scrumptious merits of an old family recipe, Great American Cookies opened in Atlanta in 1977 and quickly became a favorite among bakery aficionados everywhere. With a convenient location at OKC’s Crossroads Shopping Center, you can join in the gourmet fun with a classic like the Snickerdoodle—or be daring with the Double Doozie, a cream-filled cookie sandwich with a generous helping of M&Ms baked in. True dessert devotees can step up to the signature 16-inch Cookie Cakes or try other savory confections like Red Velvet Brownies. What’s more, their treats are hand-decorated to be as appealing to the eye as they are to the mouth. With custom designs for every special occasion and a variety of gift packages available, Great American Cookies makes it easy to give someone something they’ll really love (and, yes, it’s okay to give yourself a present, too).