At Quantifind, I've produced a wide range of copywriting content, from social media posts, web copy, and email messages to case studies, product one-sheeters, and video scripts. 

Below are samples from the branding we created for our sponsorship role at Forrester's MARKETING 2016 conference in New York City. Our theme revolved around "success equations"--e.g. customer success stories in which data revealed interesting, explanatory relationships that could be leveraged for improved sales. For example, a fast food client wanted to improve breakfast sales to teens. Using predictive models built from financial data and social data, the client learned that teens weren't the problem-- mothers who hated the chain's coffee, and who refused to take their kids to the drive-through, were the problem. By advertising upgraded coffees to moms, the brand achieved improved breakfast sales among teens-- hence the equation: Moms + Better Coffee = Teen Breakfast Sales. Because we were a conference sponsor, our branded content stretched across a number of potential touch points, from emails, web copy and blog posts to booth banners, printed case studies and even hotel door hangers for conference attendees. 

I co-devised the theme with Megan Klasila. I wrote the case studies and Joshua Reynolds edited them, with the exception of the Zero Dark Thirty study, which I both wrote and edited. Grant Davis admirably handled design duties. 

Below is a video we created when presented a short timeline to produce a quick summary of our methodology and its value. Josh Anish and I created the script while Lance Rutter created the animation.